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Erotic E-books

You can download your erotic fiction immediately from our secure server and read from the comfort and privacy of your own computer! No postage worries - just download these sizzling stories and begin steaming up your computer!

Sex You Up
by Tamarias Tyree
30 super hot and sexy short erotic stories that sizzle!

Office Slave
by J.W McKenna
The beautiful but haughty Ellen Sanchez thought she could get away with embezzling from Jack Sawyer, the powerful CEO of Sawyer Metalworking. When she was caught, she said she'd do "anything" to avoid going to jail. Anything turned out to be a new position for Ellen...

by Alexa Powers
So Hot is Sizzles! Anthology of the Best Erotic Short Fiction, edited by Alexa Powers.

Sizzling Hot Erotica
by Tamarias Tyree
Sexy short erotica.
Explore sexy and exciting erotic fantasies set in everyday locations that add to the realism and appeal. Huge, over-sized Anthology of erotic fiction, mostly man/woman and multi-partner stories. Twenty-five sizzling hot stories,

by Claire Thompson
One woman's voyage of sexual self-discovery. A librarian by day, Rachel worked for an erotic phone service at night, earning extra money to help ends meet by regaling men with sexy fantasies. But then one night everything changed. She found herself responding to a mysterious, dominant male voice in a way she never had before.

BedTime Tales
by Michelle Houston
Wicked Pleasures and Dangerous Dreams
A straight couple reclaims their love, and reignites their passion by taking their search for pleasure beyond the limits! A pair of lovers who are definitely not star-crossed find each other against all odds. A Greco-Roman myth comes to life bringing adventure and exploration of the senses to a very ordinary mortal. While each of the 26 short stories in BEDTIME TALES focus on a loving relationship between one male and one female, the book has a something for every taste: light bondage, spanking, sex toys, even paranormal elements. Short, sweet, to the point and brimming over with sex

Tracy In Chains
by Claire Thompson
After years of hiding her submissive nature, even from herself, Tracy discovers an online 'Master' who has the courage and power to guide her on an exploration of self that will end up splitting open her safe little world.

A Sadist's Story
by Chris Bellows, Femdom BDSM
Wealthy libertines maintain a club for the entertainment of the Dominant, where members are free to express their own perversity in curious sessions of pain and degradation. Young male and female submissives, known as ‘pets’, are hired for rewarding tours under the tutelage of Ms. Monique... a physically imposing Dominant with a formidable sadistic bent. As with all Chris Bellows' novels, this is NOT for the timid reader. However, his fans will enjoy the S&M extremes

Slaves of the Chalice
by Rose Thornwell, Femdom
Adventurer Forbes is forced to submit to a bevy of  beautiful, cunning and ruthless females in order to obtain a prize treasure for Ariana, the seductive, domineering temptress Colt hopes to marry. Heavy Female Domination and male submission.

Enslaving Erica
by Reese Gabriel
S&M Erotica

Coeds Erica and Cassie will do anything to pledge the popular Triple Omega sorority. Little do they realize that Triple O is the recruiting arm of a notorious slave ring, and they are its next victims. When they turn up missing, Erica’s submissive mother and Cassie’s Dom father team up to find them…fireworks fly in all directions! Hot new twists in S&M, abuse and humiliation.

Justice For A Thief,
Bdsm & Spanking by Lizbeth Dusseau
Rebecca trades a noblewoman’s life for a life of crime, joining a scoundrel thief for a dangerous spree of thieving and sexual indulgence. Caught, she faces punishment, prison and service as a slavish wench in a fancy London brothel.




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